Tennessee teen trapped under truck credits a Siri butt dial with saving his life

NURFREESBORO, TN -- A Tennessee teen says he was never a big fan of the personal assistant 'Siri' on his iPhone. That changed, he says, when the Apple feature saved his life last month.

Sam Ray, 18, of Nurfreesboro was working on his truck on July 2 in the driveway of his family's home, reports television station WKRN. While under the vehicle, which was up on jacks, he called his father to ask a question. Once they were done talking, Sam put his iPhone in his back pocket.

Then, as he tried to slide out from underneath the truck, it fell on top of him and trapped his arms.

"It was kind of the realization that, oh my God, what just happened and this could be the end," Sam said.

After unsuccessfully yelling for help, he heard Siri from his back pocket and got an idea.

"I thought, oh wow," said Sam. "This is kind of a useful thing."

Sam pushed up on his hip to activate the feature. Then after several times asking it to call 911, he heard a dispatcher's voice.

"The greatest thing he did was keep saying his address so we could get everybody there," said dispatcher Christina Lee.

Emergency responders were sent to Sam's house. They were able to get him out from under the truck and he was airlifted to the hospital.

Sam had several broken ribs and other internal injuries, but a month after that experience, he continues to recover. He gives credit to the reponsders who acted quickly, the power of prayer...and Siri.