Teen arrested for shooting lady in the face

YOUNGSTOWN, OH (KTRK) -- A 14-year-old is charged with attempted murder of an Ohio woman who was shot in the face on Feb. 6.

Youngstown police said a pickup order was issued Saturday for the teen in reference to the attempted robbery and shooting of Ellen Zban.

Police said the juvenile was brought to the Youngstown Police Department by his mother at 3:15 p.m. and was arrested.

"This is a very young kid and it's a very, very serious crime, attempted murder," YPD Lt. Doug Bobovnyik said. "We're kind of surprised it was a 14-year-old kid that did this."

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Detectives said earlier this week they developed a lot of evidence against the juvenile. That's when they ordered his warrant for attempted murder.

Bobovnyik said it will be up to the juvenile court if the 14-year-old is going to be charged as a juvenile or an adult.

Zban, 57, was shot in the face while sitting in her car in the driveway of her home. She was also shot twice in the arm.

She survived and is currently in recovery.

Zban told police she had just pulled into her driveway around 7 p.m. when someone walked up to her car, demanding her wallet. He then shot her as she sat in the car.

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