Teen accused of stabbing dad in Sugar Land in fight over quitting football team

SUGAR LAND, TX (KTRK) -- Police now say a Sugar Land teen attacked his father with a knife after an argument about the boy quitting the high school football team.

The 16-year-old is accused of stabbing his father three to four times Monday while inside their home in the 3300 block of Pecan Ridge Drive.

"That argument had to do with the fact that the boy was not attending football practice. He confronted the boy when he found out yesterday afternoon," said Sugar Land Police spokesperson Doug Adolph.

The boy is a well-known player on the Clements High School varsity football team. We are not identifying him because he is a minor. Police say he told his father he was quitting the team.

"He is a really good guy. Makes good grades in school. Doesn't look like anybody who would hurt anybody, I didn't think," said Clements student Bailey Hines.

Students say the father and son had a history of not getting along. But police say they have never been called to the house before.

"Really shocked. I didn't think anybody here would do something like that," said Clements student Jack Danklef.

The man had to be rushed by medical helicopter to a hospital in the Med Center for treatment. Investigators say he was last reported as stable.

Parents we spoke with cannot fathom what would lead to such violence -- child against parent. "I guess people have things going on in their houses that you don't know about," said Clements parent Joana Kolle.

Police say the teen will be charged with aggravated assault. The Fort Bend County District Attorney's Office says it cannot comment yet on any pending charges. A detention hearing is set for Wednesday for the 16-year-old. For now he is in custody at the Fort Bend Juvenile Detention Center.
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