Teen accused of killing family faces judge in Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Issac Tiharihondi walked into court in an orange jail jumpsuit, and stood silent before a judge. His only comment was when the judge asked if she had pronounced his name correctly. "Close enough," he said.

He listened as a detailed probable cause document was read aloud, detailing the grisly discovery of the bodies of his parents, Rev. Israel Ahimbisibwe, mother Dorcus, and five-year-old brother "Ray" in their apartment near Memorial City.

He is accused of killing his family, in two counts of capital murder.

He had told friends at his father's Episcopal church that he was reporting for Marine camp on January 30th. They say he had told them it was a pathway to citizenship. Tiharihondi, who is a Ugandan citizen, has a US green card.

The probable cause document claims that was untrue, and that his mother planned to confront her son about it.

Tiharihondi was arrested in Mississippi days after the bodies were found. He took a cab from Houston to New Orleans, according to receipts. Court documents state that his parents' credit cards were taken. It's believed he paid for some of his travel with them.

Alvin Nunnery is the court appointed attorney who'll be representing Tiharihondi. He invoked his client's right to silence in court, stating that prosecutors are to have no contact with the defendant.

In court, Nunnery stated, "There may be probable cause for credit card abuse but not a charge of capital murder."

Prosecutor Katherine Kahle disagreed. "I think there's probable cause," she said. "And so did the judge."
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