Tech and toddlers: What you need to know

How did anyone raise a child without technology? It may seem like an absurd question at first, but increasingly, parents are turning to technology for help, from shopping for their kids to entertaining them.

Smartphone apps and wearable tech such as the new Apple watch are helping parents on the go in those early days of parenthood.

Julia Wang of pregnancy and parenting website tells CNN, "It allows parents to instantaneously get information at their fingertips. And it allows you to connect directly and seamlessly with other parents, so that you never feel like you're going through this parenting journey alone."

However, parents should be aware of privacy concerns, according to Wang.

"Be careful how much you're sharing about your children online, whether it's their date of birth, their full name, as well as their location of birth," she said. "And in the event that you're sharing photos, and tagging them with geographic locations, you want to be careful how much you share."

Also, Wang warns that parents be aware of how your information is being shared by apps on your phone and learn how to opt-out for sharing with third parties.

As for the little ones handling the tech themselves, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises parents to avoid all screens for kids under age 2.
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