SWAT standoff over, man now in police custody

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A man who police say had armed himself with a hatchet and barricaded himself in a Third Ward residence is now in police custody.

The standoff ended after the man jumped out of a second-floor apartment in the 3100 block of Webster around 1:25pm.

Houston police officer reported concerned neighbors called them around 9:45 AM, alarmed about a man carrying a hatchet. According to investigators, they said a 33-year-old black man knocked on at least one of his neighbor's door with the weapon. The man then barricaded himself inside his second floor apartment.

Eyewitness News crews could hear negotiators yelling out, "Robert, come to the window. Drop the hatchet. We do not want to harm you." The back and forth negotiations lasted for about 90 minutes.

Neighbors like Kaylynn Bernardez looked on in fear, hoping it ended peacefully. Officers in full tactical gear broke a window and deployed tear gas just before 1:30pm.

"When I saw them open the window and the first I guess -- tear gas thing was shot inside in the apartment. I was pretty nervous," said Bernardez. "I don't know if that was a bullet. To me, they all sound the same."

HPD's spokesperson, Kese Smith, confirmed tear gas was fired into the residence. Smith said the man then jumped from the second floor apartment and was taken into custody.

Smith reported the man was taken to St. Joseph's Medical Center downtown for evaluation.
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