Suspects in Katy pharmacy heist caught on camera

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- At George Attalla family's pharmacy, they make an effort to be nice to their customers. They just don't expect them to be thieves.

"I'm surprised someone has the heart to do such a thing," said George, whose dad Milad started the family business. "They would come to the pharmacy and a small business... and steal."

On Tuesday a man dressed in bright blue and a woman carrying a big purse came into the pharmacy located at the corner of Fry Road and Katy Freeway. They looked like your average customers. The man even asked pharmacy tech Cynthia Hernandez for help.

"He was like, 'Hey, can you help me find a Band-Aid?'" Hernandez recalled. "I took him to the aisle, and I was just helping him from there."

The surveillance video shows it was all a ruse. While the man distracted Hernandez, the woman circled the perfume display, and began helping herself to all the fancy perfumes.

"She had a bag, every once a while she'll look around. She'll take one, and put it in, and take another one, and put it in, as if it was candy," said George Attalla, who has since reviewed every frame of video.

The pair was so smooth, the staff didn't even notice until the younger Attalla took inventory a day later. They soon realized almost $2,000 worth of perfumes were gone.

"She took the Cartier brands. She took all the Gucci, Lacoste, expensive stuff."

The family is hoping alert Eyewitness News viewers will recognize the man or the woman, and put their partnership to a quick end.

"I'm very upset. I don't know how people sleep in the night," said the elder Attalla. "We're in the healthcare business so we help people, care about people. If he come and tell us he was short on cash, we would probably help him. But to come and do this, they deserve to go to jail."
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