Suspected drunk driver slams into home, arrested after leaving the scene

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A suspected drunk driver faces multiple charges after crashing into the side of a home in the Heights.

It happened early this morning at a home in the 3800 block of Yale at 38th.

Police say Miguel Angel Villarreal, 40, was drunk when he was driving down 38th. When he came up on the T intersection at Yale, he kept going stright and slammed into the home.

Homeowner Randolph West says he watched as driver then immediately backed out and took off.

He told Eyewitness News' Elissa Rivas, "When I got to the door, they were already gone. They always come straight out of 38th, and into the fence next door, too."

Officers were called to the home and quickly put out the description of a white Chevy SUV. POlice then located the vehicle disabled in the 500 block of Crosstimbers. Villarreal was then taken into custody after officers say he admitted he had been drinking.

West says there have been a number of times where vehicles have ended up on his lawn or even bumped into his house. The city has put up metal barriers, red triangle signs and a yellow and black arrow sign, but people still run into the property.

"This is the worst one," West said.

All of those safety warnings were wiped out by this morning's accident. There's no word on when the city might repair them.

Athough no one was hurt, friends say for West, the cost will be steep. One said, "It's winter time -- it has to be done professionally and immediately.

West says he's really just looking for a little consideration. He said, "Everybody has done that has been drunk, so people just need to be careful." null
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