Suspect dead after wild police chase and shootout in NW Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A police chase came to a deadly end in northwest Harris County after a short crime spree. It all started with a traffic stop that led to gunfire, a carjacking, a chase, and finally, suicide.

It all began around 8am Friday, when Darcy Brown, a man already charged with a 2013 murder, was pulled over on Lakeview Haven at Highway 529 for an expired paper license plate. The Harris County Sheriff's office says the deputies approached the vehicle and Brown refused to get out.

"They were asking the gentleman to get out of the car, he would not get out of the car," said Gordon Carlton, an eyewitness. "He accelerated, hit the officer, knocked him to the ground, and tried to run over him. The officer rolled out of the way and fired shots and the second officer fired shots as well."

Authorities say the two deputies exchanged gunfire with Brown before the suspect drove away.

With deputies in pursuit, Brown made it to Highway 6 at West Little York. Eyewitnesses say his car had a flat tire and other damage due to the earlier shootout. They say that forced Brown to get out of the car and try to carjack someone along Highway 6. The first attempt was unsuccessful, then he pointed a gun at Fredi Huato, who was driving his Toyota Corolla.

Huato told Eyewitness News Brown pointed the gun at his throat, and then jumped in the car. He fired at least two shots at that scene, but Huato was not injured.

Brown then led deputies onto North Eldridge Parkway, striking at least one vehicle and running several red lights during the pursuit.

"I mean, when I saw this guy, the first thing I thought -- he's trying to kill himself. That's the first thing because I saw him going almost 100 miles per hour, aiming at me, I see officers driving behind him, speeding, it was a high-speed chase," said Patricia Magda, who was driving to work when her car was scraped by Brown.

The crime spree finally came to an end on Eldridge Parkway near Clay Road, where deputies say the Brown fatally shot himself.

"You just think about how precious your life really is," remarked Magda.

North Eldridge Road was closed in both directions between Patterson and Clay Road during the investigation. All roads are back open.

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