Men invade New Hampshire home as woman lets out dog

CHARLESTOWN, N.H. (KTRK) -- Investigators have released surveillance video of a home invasion showing two men rushing a 63-year-old woman when she arrived home to let her dog back inside.

Timestamps on the video showed the two men, one in a mask and the other barefaced, waited nearly two hours for the woman to come home. When she did, the crooks pushed their way inside.

"They ultimately overtook her, put her in zip ties and brought her down to the basement," Charlestown Chief Patrick Connors told ABC affiliate WMUR-TV. "In the basement, they zip tied her to a support post and put a blanket over her head."

Police said they likely targeted the woman because her family's business is coins and precious metals. Investigators said the men demanded the combination to the woman's safe. They were later seen on surveillance video leaving the property with three huge bags.

"It's discouraging that people are out there and they target a 63-year-old woman," state police Sgt. Shawn Skahan said.

The woman wasn't freed until contractors showed up the next morning to do work at her home.

"She was tied up for nine hours, and we were told by medical personnel that had it gone a couple hours longer, her medical condition could have turned into a life-threatening situation," Connors said.

Police told WMUR-TV, the woman was in stable condition at a hospital Thursday.

"To make contact with the homeowner, actually bind them up and leave them there, that takes it to a whole other level, and this is a serious crime," Connors said.

Police said they were able to track down some of the woman's stolen items at a pawn shop, and they are hopeful that will lead them to those responsible.
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