Lawsuit: Chuy's served underage suspect in deadly DWI crash

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Angel Cotton had big dreams. At 24 years old, she had just graduated from Houston Community College, and was scheduled to attend the University of Houston in the fall.

"She was an only child who absolutely loved singing. She loved to sing and regularly sang in her church choir," attorney Donna Roth said.

Cotton and her boyfriend Demetrick Gordon were on their way to see a movie June 7 when police say 20-year-old Morgan Steffan ran this red light and smashed into their car.

Steffan is charged with intoxication manslaughter.

On top of that, Cotton's family has filed a civil lawsuit against Steffan and Chuy's restaurant.

"She was at Chuy's; we believe the Chuy's on Westheimer, and was drinking continuously throughout the day. And they knew or should have known that she was intoxicated, and yet continued to serve her," Roth said.

The general manager of Chuy's on Westheimer says Steffan used to work at Chuy's but was fired two weeks before the accident. He declined an on-camera interview and did not comment on the lawsuit.

Roth says Cotton's mother, Thelda, is waiting for justice for her daughter.

"Mrs. Cotton, as any mother would, cries when she thinks about what happened," Roth said.

Steffan and her attorney declined a request for an interview.
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