Stunning new details about deadly gator attack in Orange

ORANGE, TX -- A Texas game warden has identified a man who shot and killed an alligator following a deadly human attack last week.

The man, who was not identified to the media, could face a Class C misdemeanor citation for poaching if a county prosecutor decides it's appropriate to move forward with the case.

On Monday, a gator nuisance hunter contracted by the state found human remains inside the gator that was shot and left at the Burkart marina in Orange.

"The worst ones that I get are the ones that have been fed," said Harlen Hatcher who performed the dissection of the nearly 11-and-a-half-foot gator. "We skinned it. And then turn it up, and got into it stomach. And found some remains."

The remains, accounting to the county judge, were that of Tommie Woodward, 28. According to witnesses, Woodward jumped into the gator infested waters at the marina just after 2am. An alligator bit his arm and then pulled him down into the water. His body was recovered several hours later.

Neighbors say they're ready to bail out the alligator's killer for taking out the danger in the water.
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