Stunning chase featured in Pasadena police recruitment Facebook post

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- The Pasadena Police Department is using wild dash cam video to draw in new recruits. The video, taken of a pursuit last week, and posted to the department's Facebook page today, shows a moment during a police chase in which the suspect's vehicle flips over -- and after a stunning rollover -- the suspect continues to drive.

The police department released the video on their Facebook page with a post that reads, "As you may have heard....we are hiring. I wanted to share one of the "crazy" moments that sometimes happens in this line of work. Last week some of our officers were pursuing a stolen vehicle and then.....this happened.....just watch!!"

The video then shows a stunning chase from the vantage of a police cruiser and the moment an SUV hits a grassy median and flips over. However, it's not nearly over -- the suspect makes a complete rollover, somehow stabilizes the reportedly stolen vehicle and the suspect continues to drive.

According to the police video, the vehicle's shut off valve engaged after the rollover, triggering an engine shutdown.

Police say four suspects were arrested and none were seriously injured.

The suspect was later apprehended at a gas station.
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