Stunning 911 call revealed in case of unborn baby cut out of woman

LONGMONT, CO -- A recently released 911 call reveals the exchange between a pregnant woman who was stabbed in the stomach and a operator who answered her call for help.

"She cut me," the woman told the dispatcher in the call.

"What did she cut you with?" the dispatcher replied.

"A knife. I'm pregnant. She cut me in my stomach. I'm afraid," the woman said.

The dispatcher then began to ask the woman if her attacker had any other weapons besides the knife.

"She broke a glass," the woman said.

"She broke a glass? Did she stab you with the broken glass also?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah," the woman answered.

The victim, identified in the call as Michelle, said she was alone and couldn't remember her attacker's name.

The woman, who was seven months pregnant, is expected to survive, but her unborn baby died.

Dynel Lane is accused in the attack. Lane is accused of luring the expectant mother with a Craigslist ad about baby clothes. The victim was found at the home where Lane currently resides.

A relative says Lane lost her own child more than a decade ago when he accidentally drowned.

Aaron Cruz, the boy's paternal grandfather, says Dynel Lane's son was 19 months old when he drowned in a shallow pond at her parents' home in Pueblo. Investigators ruled the 2002 death an accident.

Cruz says Lane and her now-ex-husband were devastated by the child's death. But he says Lane seemed to be a good mother and he saw no indication she would be violent.
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