Student charged after disturbing fight near Katy school

KATY, TX (KTRK) -- It was video that quickly went viral, yet was so violent that we are only showing you part of it.

Reese Reno, 19, is now charged with assaulting another Katy Taylor High School student across from the Kingsland Boulevard campus.

"Most of the people are confused as to what happened but the video shows it all," student Nathan Boulanger said. "It's really disturbing to some people."

His mother Anne added, "I was truly surprised it was right here. Normally they would be down at the bayou or some place a little more hidden. But right here and 25 yards from school property."

A day before the video was taken, Reno tweeted about fighting. Prosecutors said in court, the victim told investigators he was walking home from school when Reno allegedly said bad things about his girlfriend to him. The victim claims he tried to ignore him when Reno allegedly jumped in front of him and started throwing punches.

He says he was then thrown to the ground, kicked and knocked unconscious.

Director of Communications Denise Cantu Coffman released a statement from Katy ISD, which reads

    "Taylor High School student Reese Reno was disciplined according to the Katy ISD Student Code of Conduct for actions taken on campus, prior to the off-campus incident, and the disruption caused by the incident. However, the District does have not have disciplinary authority over the offense charged against the student for the incident that took place off campus and after school hours on Tuesday, April 5, and was investigated by the Harris County Sheriff's Office. As per state law, except for certain felony offenses, Katy ISD does not have disciplinary authority over a student when the offense occurs outside of the regular school day and more than 300 feet off of the school property."

"It's a very strong message to kids," said Katy Taylor substitute teacher Julie Royer. "You can't act that way and think it's going to be OK and get off somehow. I feel very sorry for the kids family."

The victim's mother told investigators her son has a busted lip, bruised eye and is sore all over his body.

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