Starbucks employee's kind act for deaf patrons goes viral

LEESBURG, VA (KTRK) -- A Starbucks employee's kind act for a deaf patron is going viral.

Ibby Piracha of Leesburg, Virginia, is that customer. He's deaf and says he goes to the Starbucks three times per week. When he went in on Friday, he was greeted by a barista who was using sign language.

The barista gave Piracha a note that reads, "I've been learning ASL just so you can have the same experience as everyone else."

"I usually use my phone and I'll text them what I want to order," Piracha told "She was saying she looked on YouTube because she had a lot of customers that came in using text. I was very surprised she was willing to learn (sign language) and it shows she respects deaf people ... she's an inspiration."

When Piracha posted the note to Facebook, his friends instantly started sharing it.

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