Stafford mom claims teachers slapped son, called him names

STAFFORD, TX (KTRK) -- A Stafford Middle School student says his physical education coaches slapped him and called him names -- and now his mother is speaking out about the incident.

Colette Williams says her son called her in tears saying one coach hit him and a teacher had cussed at him.

She says it all happened as other students watched.

She said, "My son is blessed, we're blessed in that he does not have any physical bruises on him but what needs to be noted are the emotional bruises that last far longer than any emotional bruises anyway."

Williams say she plans on getting her son professional counseling and she is speaking with a lawyer about her options.

She added, "It's outrageous. This is no bash against teachers. We absolutely need our teachers. Most educators are great, but for the ones that do not belong in the classroom with our children who we send off to them to love and protect the same way that we do -- they must be uprooted."

The school district released a statement saying the teacher and coach have been put on administrative leave until the investigation is complete. The statement added that the superintendent and deputy superintendent met with Williams and that "the Stafford Municipal School District does not tolerate this type of behavior in any capacity from a school district employee."
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