Spring students robbed while waiting for school bus

SPRING, TX (KTRK) -- Spring ISD says four of its students were robbed while waiting for their school bus this Monday morning.

A 14-year-old victim says he was with other classmates from Carl Wunsche High School at a bus stop at Imperial Brook and Imperial Lake Drives when they were threatened they would be shot if they didn't cooperate.

A victim , who is called "Eric" in order to protect his identity, said, "The guy with the gun had it like that," holding his hand by his pocket.

The students say four men jumped out of a car in the neighborhood and demanded their phones first, then backpacks full of belongings including laptops.

Then Eric says they also demanded the Adidas shoes he was wearing at the time.

"The one with the gun came right at me, I don't know why. But he came while I got my phone," said Eric.

At least two of the victims were too scared to go to class today, trying to process how a normal school day became so terrifying.

"I was like is this for real, is this for real? I was really nervous. I just did what they asked me to, give them my phone. When they left I ran home to my mom crying," said Eric.

Neighbors say sometimes adults will wait at the bus stop which typically has three pick-ups each morning but the older teens usually wait by themselves.

"I don't know I'm kind of scared for them, for him." said Chris, a neighbor.

Spring ISD says they found the suspects and arrested they but have not released their names or charges.

Monday afternoon a Spring ISD Police Unit escorted the bus to the neighborhood stop.
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