Southwest Houston community honors police officers

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Rocked by the murder of a local grandmother, a southwest Houston community is now thanking the officers who helped bring justice for her family.

Cavalas Prater, the 35-year-old man accused of killing 79-year-old Sue Teng is now behind bars, charged with capital murder.

This morning, those who knew her say the officers are helping their community heal.

Community leader Kenneth Li said, "HPD resolved this case so efficiently that it gives people the impression that we have a very safe city, our city works very efficiently

Detective Todd Colbert said, "It's really nice to see the community so close-knit and how everyone works together here. It makes our job easier here when everyone communicates with us."

The police department says, because witnesses and other people who live in the neighborhood were willing to come forward and tell officers what they saw, make phone calls, remember the details and really cooperate, they were able to solve this crime so quickly. HPD is also encouraging other neighborhoods when they're confronted with a crime like this to do the same.
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