Social media firestorm erupts over discrimination allegation

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Social media firestorm erupts over discrimination allegation (Kaitlin McCulley)

Treat! Gourmet Cupcakes co-owner Sharron Aaron says that one of her Muslim employees has always been willing to educate her on the religion, especially after a recent trip to the Middle East.

Aaron says she asked the employee to wear a black scarf instead to match their uniforms, adding that the company would pay for it.

"She was a good employee," Aaron said. "I guess the surprise came when I came in to work last Thursday, and she was wearing a bright green scarf over her head."

The employee had taken a trip to the Middle East recently, she said.

"She said that because of her religion and her pilgrimage and the election that she had decided to take her religion a step further by wearing the scarf."

After that, Aaron says the employee resigned.

Social media, however, shares a different story, saying the employee was fired because she chose to wear a hijab.

In the last few days, the store's Facebook page has been flooded with negative reviews from people across the country.

The employee declined to be interviewed for this story.

"What has been put out there is the furthest from the truth," Aaron said. "We are not racist, we are not, really, anti-anything here. We have a whole variety of people who work for us in the past and still work for us... and we have friends from all walks of life and faith."
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