Snakes take over woman's northeast Harris County home

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The Memorial Day floods left one single mom with a snake infested home. She's scared to live there with her kids any longer and called us for help.

A woman says her home is infested with snakes, and she and her two girls cannot live there anymore.

"I am not a crier," Angel Garcia said. "I don't like to be vulnerable because I'm supposed to be strong. But at this point, it's either sleep in the car or be embarrassed and ask for help."

When the bayou flooded her home earlier this year, snakes slithered in and did not go away.

She taped off the door to her kitchen in an effort to keep the snakes out of her bedroom, but she didn't know the snakes were already inside.

"I was sleeping with a den of snakes by my bed," Garcia said, "And I could feel them, like movement, I would just ignore it. I would think it's something else."

An animal control technician removed two rat snakes from Garcia's home Thursday. Both were 4 feet long, according to paperwork from A All Animal Control in The Woodlands.

Garcia is worried there are more snakes still inside.

"And there's holes all over the house where they can get in, and mice too because of the bayou," Garcia said.

She said she is a registered nurse but had to stop working to take care of her sick, elderly parents. She said she does not have enough money to move somewhere else.

"All I would like is a safe home for my girls," Garcia said, "where I can go to work and they are not in danger."
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