Snake dangers in flood waters

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What to do when you encounter snakes and other creepy crawlers (KTRK)

Floodwaters pushed snakes and other creepy crawlers out of their natural habitats. Here are some tips on what to do when you encounter them.

After all the rain we have had, snakes are out and about and most people are frightened of them.

"Without a doubt, there's definitely some sitting back there," said snake hunter Orry Martin.

But, lurking near most puddles of water or in your backyard, you can find snakes. Hunter took out our reporter Natasha Barrett to look for snakes in his Magnolia backyard.

"If we walk through here could we see a cotton head or a water snake, maybe," said Martin.

Then, Martin showed me some of his treasures kept in his garage - a Ruby.
Martin captured some dangerous snakes recently and he says these are the ones you should avoid, if you see them.

"This is a bad guy we don't want to go near him," we asked.

"Yes ma'am this is a southern copper head," Martin said.

The other one to stay away from is the rattlesnake not all have that rattle -- like this one.

Martin found this rattlesnake in Montgomery County near the San Jacinto River.

"That's the pigmy rattlesnake color, they have blotches on them," said Martin.

There is nothing like the non-poisonous snakes that are also Martin's pets.

If you do come across a snake in your backyard or pool, Martin says to throw a bucket over it and don't touch it if you are scared of them. You can either call a snake expert to make sure you don't get bit.
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