Single mom claims neighbor knocked down fence after new finding

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A single mom claims her neighbor's son put her family in harm's way after knocking down a fence when the neighbor realized a portion of the property was theirs.

What happened to Sandra Guevara is a lesson on property ownership.

"That breaks my heart to see my kids crying for a piece of land too," said Guevara.

Guevara, a single mom of three, is dealing with a stressful situation.

She decided to call ABC13 for help.

"My fence was from here all the way to that corner," said Guevara, walking through her yard.

Over the weekend, she said her long-time neighbor's son took down her fence, claiming a big portion of what she thought was her backyard is actually not.

"I have been taking care of this land for 15 years and nobody said anything, nobody claim it before," she said.

It turns out her elderly neighbor is getting ready to sell and saw the extra land on her deed. Now, Guevara's backyard is exposed, and she's worried about her family's safety.

"Unfortunately this is somewhat common," said real estate lawyer Sandford Dow.

Dow said homebuyers need to look over their paperwork carefully. Sometimes people buy what they think is theirs, and it really isn't. That's when lawyers can get involved to fight for land.

"It's going to be a lengthy, expensive battle, unless there's a resolution with the neighbor," said Dow.

There might be hope for Guevara.

Late Friday afternoon, while she was in the process of looking for a lawyer, Eyewitness News finally talked with her neighbor's son.

"We are definitely sorry that any of this had to take place and we are changing our plans of all parties involved to resolve this situation peacefully where all parties can be satisfied which includes Ms. Sandra," said Ikeana Lewis, the neighbors son.

Lewis added that they realize this was an abrupt situation, and they never intended to put the family in harm's way. They hope to resolve the matter and hopefully maintain the neighborly relationship that flourished over the years.
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