Signs urge joggers and bicyclists not to poop on the path

HAMPTON, IL -- A stinky problem for the town of Hampton, Illinois, has forced city workers to post signs to try to make it stop.

They are signs most runners and cyclists would never expect to see along their route.

The signs read "Stop pooping on bike path" and also have a poop emoji crossed out in the center.

The Public Works Department of Hampton told WQAD-TV, for the past two years someone has been using the bathroom on the bike trail.

When asked how he knows it's human poop, supervisor of Public Works Scott McKay said, "Well animals don't carry toilet paper and then stuff it in the top."

He said toilet paper is found on the pile every time and it's always right in the middle of the path.

"It's gross and other people shouldn't have to use our path like that. Can you imagine if you were riding a bike and it slung up on...ew," said McKay.

Mitchell Jankowski, who runs on the path said, "I know on long runs some people have to hold it for a while but I've never thought of carrying toilet paper and just squatting on the side of the road."

The dirty deed is leaving the community confused because there are public restrooms located along the bike path.

After two years, McKay said it's just getting old.

""It's not a joke," he said. "It's pretty nasty."