Shots fired at sporting goods store in The Woodlands

THE WOODLANDS, TX (KTRK) -- A group of shoplifters is on the run after causing some tense moments at an Academy store in The Woodlands Friday. A customer tried to stop them by using a gun.

"I was just coming out of Starbucks," said witness Brian Murphy. I heard a super loud bang."

That loud bang was a bullet, fired right out front of the Academy.

"It's the Woodlands right? It's pretty unexpected. I mean, I've lived here 10 years. It's the first time I've seen gunfire in the streets like the wild, wild west, right? Hey you know it's a different time."

Exclusive cell phone video shows deputies with long guns drawn and questioning a man.

The eyewitness who recorded the ordeal tells us a customer fired at three shoplifters' getaway van.

SkyEye showed damage to several cars. Investigators say the crooks plowed into three vehicles after running out of the sporting good store with their hands full of clothes.

"I thought maybe someone stole my shoes, but when I came out, I realized it was more than that," said witness Lisa Rose. "The car got damaged from them plowing in it."

The three young men now accused shoplifters got away, despite their back tire being shot out.

"It's just sad," said customer Lauren Hicks. "It's sad that little things that you need to steal turn into such a chaotic thing and that things matter so much to people."
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