Shark attack: Snorkeler's hand mangled by tiger shark in Hawaii

HONOLULU, HI (KTRK) -- A snorkeler is recovering after a shark came after him during a snorkeling trip in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dr. Ken Grasing was in just five feet of water at a beach in Hawaii when he saw a mysterious black cloud appear.

That "cloud" turned out to be a 10 to 12 feet long tiger shark.

Grasing recalled, "The shark was moving so quickly toward me I didn't realize it was going to bite me until I saw my arm just mangled. It just happened very quickly. And I had this feeling of disbelief."

Grasing punched the shark's head, and it swam away.

A body boarder helped him back to shore.

Grasing has tendon, nerve and muscle damage in his left arm, but he expects to make a full recovery.
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