San Jacinto River evacuations continue as waters rise

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People who live along the San Jacinto River are preparing for the potential for waters to rise substantially over the next days (KTRK)

Firefighters are advising everyone who lives along Northshore Drive near Kingwood to evacuate.

A few houses along the San Jacinto River are already taking in water.

Linny Campbell lives in the Forest Cove area. Her driveway is still cracked from the last time her home flooded in 1994.

"We even lost a boat in '94," Campbell said, "It floated away."

This time, Campbell is bracing herself and her grandchildren for the worst.

"Get my pictures and papers," Campbell said, "Get them off the ground, and whatever happens, happens."

Campbell is loading everything she can into plastic containers and will put them in the attic for safe keeping.

"It's coming over the end of that road, and the river hasn't crested yet," Campbell said, "And there's still rain coming. So it doesn't look good for us."

One family that lives nearby had to be rescued by boat early Thursday morning.

"We didn't have time to get everything off the floor, but I mean, we're just be blessed to be out with our lives," Will Allen said.
Other people who live along the river are not worried about flooding.

"I'm not afraid of nothing," Denise Flores said, "But spiders and snakes. And ISIS."

Flores and her husband decided to go kayaking in the flood waters across the street from their home.

For Campbell, flooding is nothing to play around with.

"They need to get everything up and anything valuable out of there," Campbell said.

She has been through this before. She is praying the water stays at bay.
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