Rules regarding air travel with weapons and ammunition

ABC News reports Esteban Santiago, the alleged shooter at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, flew into Fort Lauderdale with a firearm in his checked luggage. He was also reportedly flying with ammunition. Eyewitness reports from the airport suggest he claimed his checked luggage, loaded the weapon and started firing in the baggage claim area.

Law enforcement would not say if he had a specific target or motive.

Passengers in the US are allowed to travel with unloaded firearms in a hard sided case as checked luggage. Ammunition can also be checked.

TSA rules are specific:

- The traveler must comply with local and state firearms laws.
- Firearms must be declared to the airline. There is a federal form that must be filled out.

- Firearms must be unloaded and locked in a hard-sided container. Only the passenger should have the means of unlocking the firearm.
- Ammunition may be in checked luggage.
- Ammunition must be in hard sided cases or securely boxed.
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