Rosenberg PD's suspect shaming on social media pays off

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK) -- Rosenberg Police are searching for two women caught on surveillance camera at a local Marshalls stealing purses.

"They're gone in minutes and the store doesn't have time to react," said Lt. William Henry.

Investigators say the women hit the same Marshalls twice in a matter of days. Police call them professionals, but they aren't doing anything fancy.

"They load up on purses on handbags both arms and they leave the store," said Henry.

The alarm sounds, but the women work fast.

"They're able to make it to their car and drive off. The first time they took $500 worth of purses. The second time was $800," he added.

But now this Douney and Bourke duo is plastered all over social medial. Rosenberg PD is keeping its promise.

"If you shoplift in Rosenberg we will make you famous," added Henry.

It's a new type of policing the department started years ago.

"All the shoplifters monthly we show their face, name and where they stole from," says Henry.

It's working.

"We stopped doing it for awhile and we saw a tick up in stats on shoplifting. Then we started again and the numbers went back down so it seems to be working," said Henry.

After police caught a man pick-pocketing in Gringos, they shared the video on Facebook and within days the man was caught.

People there are loving this tactic to catch thieves.

"You get what you deserve is how I see it," said Darniesha Douglas.

"It's a good motive; not being embarrassed is another reason not to steal something," said Justin Parker.

"Yes sir. They should expose bad people to the world," added another man.

"It's hilarious," added Douglas.

But the consequences are not funny at all. Investigators believe it's only a matter of days. These women will trade in their handbags for handcuffs.

"We just need someone to give us a name to go with the face," says Henry.
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