Rockets gear is hot commodity following Game 7 win

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Demand is going up for Rockets merchandise but there's one item that's becoming almost impossible to buy.

The item is a t-shirt that's been custom designed by a Houston man and printed at a local business called Donkey Paw near downtown Houston. The shirt features James Hardin and just down his headshot the words "Beard Mode".

"I think his beard is actually a huge part of his game," said designer Daniel Gallagher. "The fan who would buy this is the die-hard fan."

The shirt is in limited supply and sold online at for $15. Gallagher said he will only print several hundred more. Gallagher said he came up with the "Beard Mode" design in January. Sales have been good, but after the Rockets win Sunday, he can't keep up with the demand. His online supply sold out with in minutes.

"When people like it, you've got to supply," said Donkey Paw Print owner Randy Wharton. "When I have great customers with great ideas that can benefit from the wins in the success of these teams especially with the Rockets. It brings more business to us. We're able to stay busy, keep prints going and gain popularity in that sense."

"I think if you like something, you are just going to get that," said Mark Staples who was shopping at Academy for other Rockets gear.
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