Rocket launcher seized in Fresno County gang sweep

FRESNO, CA -- Several suspected gang members, and a number of weapons, are off the streets after a sweep across Fresno County.

The Multi-Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium, or "MAGEC" targeted rural areas overnight, including parts of Orange Cove, Reedley, Parlier, Selma and Kingsburg. They checked on many people on probation and parole to make sure they were not violating any laws.

Authorities arrested 15 people on felony charges and 16 others for misdemeanors. They say it does make a difference, even if the suspects only spend a few days in jail.

Lt. Steve McComas explained, "They can't commit the gang crimes, the shootings, the stabbings, the witness intimidation. So whether it's a weekend, and he gets out on Monday, that's two or three days he can't go out and victimize the citizens of Fresno County."

MAGEC team members also seized drugs and weapons, including a rocket launcher. This was the second gang operation of the year.
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