Store clerk kills robbery suspect in tobacco shop shootout in east Houston

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Friday, March 10, 2017
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Police say one robber is dead and another got away after a shootout

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A store clerk is in critical condition and a robbery suspect is dead after a shootout in a east side convenience store.

It happened on Uvalde Road, and police say a second robbery suspect got away.

So far, police say two suspects walked into the store around 10pm. They were apparently going to rob the store, but the clerk fought back and a shootout started that left one suspect dead.

Police say security cameras in the store caught the whole thing.

RAW VIDEO: Police rush to scene of tobacco shop shootout

Officers say there were customers in the store when this happened, and when those customers called 911, emergency operators could hear gun shots being fired in the store.

The clerk killed one suspect the other ran off and the clerk is now in critical condition.

"It appears to be a robbery and an exchange of gunfire between the store clerk and the robber happened," HPD Detective Richard Ridel says.

"We may have another possible shooter. We don't have a description right now. We are waiting for family to show up so we can review the security video."

Police hope the video will help them figure out who that second suspect is and ultimately lead help them make an arrest.

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