Road rage attack involving bicyclist caught on camera

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (KTRK) -- The driver of a pickup truck is facing charges over a road rage incident involving a bicyclist.

Albert Johnson said he was biking home from work with a friend back on January 5 when a pickup truck started tailgating them.

"This guy came up behind us and started blaring on his horn, I guess he was upset we were in the roadway," Johnson told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV. "When I yelled at him, like what are you doing man, he proceeded to drive his vehicle into me crash me into the curb."

Surveillance cameras showed the driver swerving into the bike lane and knocking Johnson to the ground with his truck. After that, he got out of his truck and repeatedly punched Johnson in the face. He even kicked him at one point. Johnson's friend, who saw the whole thing, tried to intervene.

"(The driver) was like, 'Oh, you want some too?'" Johnson said. "My friend's like 'No, I'm calling the cops man!"

WPBF-TV said the driver sped off, but Johnson's friend was able to grab the man's license plate number beforehand. Deputies, a month later, found the driver, Cody Hayes, 28, and arrested him. He was charged with aggravated battery. null
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