EXCLUSIVE: Boy becomes real-life super hero after rescuing brother in fiery crash

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Isiah has always been a fan of superheroes, never knowing he would become one himself.

"He's a superhero to everybody. He just doesn't even realize it," said Sandi Watkins, his grandmother.

Isiah, 5, saved his brother from a fiery crash.

As he tells the story to his grandmother, "'I got my brother Nana. I got him. I got him,' and I said, 'You sure did'."

On Friday, Isiah's stepfather was driving a moving van from Michigan to Galveston when the car he was driving crashed on the North Freeway. The stepfather died after the truck burst into flames.

Isiah quickly grabbed his two-year-old brother, Jeremiah, out of the van. Jeremiah is now healing in the hospital from second and third degree burns.

Soon after the accident, their grandmother, Sandi Watkins, received a phone call about the wreck. She was in Michigan. Watkins purchased two one-way plane tickets for her and her husband bound to Houston.

"I said, 'I have to get there as fast I can. My babies need me," said Watkins.

Soon after she arrived, amidst all the chaos, Watkins needed a notary to take custody of the boys. The day was getting late and she was worried all the banks would be closed.

One of her daughters in Michigan helped out. Her daughter search notaries in Houston and found Tracee Jordan.

"She said there were thousands of numbers she said, this one just stood right out. She said, 'This is the one you have to call right now'."

A phone call, neither will ever forget.

"Once she explained the situation I immediately recalled the story from Friday," said Tracee Jordan, a notary.

Jordan stepped into action immediately, not only did she do all the notary work for free, she's since set up a GoFundMe account for the family. Plus, she's also contacted friends and business owners who are taking donations for the family.

Watkins calls Jordan an angel.

"Total strangers but friends for life, that what she told me. We're friends for life," said Watkins.

A stranger, a friend for life, and a five-year-old superhero who are both truly saving the day for this family.

If you would like to make a toy or clothing donation, you can drop them off at:

Stafford Pharmacy:
2448 South Main, Stafford.

Footprints Childcare & Learning Center
1706 James Bowie Dr, Baytown.

Isiah wears a size six in clothes and a size 12 in shoes. Jeremiah wears a size four in clothes.
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