Property lines cause driveway dispute between Waller County neighbors

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A Waller County woman doesn't see eye to eye with her neighbor on the use of the driveway.

Property lines leave a Waller Country woman wondering how she'll access her home.

Sharon Weilkens sold part of her rural property years ago, which included her driveway.

"I own approximately two feet of the driveway and that's it," said Weilkens.

Now, as Weilkens' health is failing, she is worried.

Weilkens said her neighbors have always allowed her and her caretakers to use the driveway, but she's recently noticed some tiny orange flags along the property line, and a fence may follow.

"Will they stop my mail, will they stop my ambulance services?" Weilkens said.

Eyewitness News visited with Weilkens' neighbors, who told ABC13 they have no intention of keeping her from using the driveway, and if a fence goes up, it will have a gate that allows access to her home.

Houston attorney Michael West, suggested conducting a survey to make sure you understand your property lines.

West added property owners can consider negotiating an easement. An easement agreement often outlines rights, like allowing access, and responsibilities, such as who will take care of the land.

Building Weilkens' own driveway now will be a costly project, but one she said she may need to consider.
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