Pregnant woman injured in SW Houston carjacking

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A woman who is seven months pregnant was injured trying to stop a carjacker from taking off in her vehicle.

It happened outside the Walgreens on Fondren and Bellaire.

Jennifer Hines says she left her vehicle running while she went to a Redbox to get a DVD when someone jumped into the car out of nowhere.

She grabbed the car door and tried to get him out, but then the door slammed, sending her to the ground and allowing the carjacker to escape.

Hines suffered a broken ankle and a fractured finger. She says she's not going to put herself in danger if this ever happens again.

"The car ain't that important -- it's me and my baby, we're more important," she told Eyewitness News exclusively.

Her car -- and the man who took it -- are still missing.
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