Suspect steals toddler's iPad in NE Houston, knocks him to ground

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston Police Department investigators are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect they are describing as a "thug" for stealing from a toddler.

The robbery happened April 19 at a Washateria in the 8600 block of Tidwell. Surveillance video taken from the area shows a male suspect pacing the sidewalk for a few minutes. A two-yea- old can be seen playing with a mini iPad with his seven-year-old sister right next to him. Officers say the children's mother was taking clothes in and out of the Washateria when the suspect lunged at the two-year-old, ripped the mini iPad from the child and then pushed him to the ground before fleeing the scene.

"They didn't have to touch him, said the mother, who did not want to identified. "He's two. Who steals from a two year old? Get a job"

The child suffered minor bumps and bruises from the robbery.

"He just asks where his iPad is so, he wants to know what happened to his iPad," she said. "He don't understand the concept of what happened."

Investigators are now looking into whether this suspect could be linked to another six or seven crimes of opportunities in the area over the last several months.

"I've chased a lot of crooks, but this is probably the biggest thug I've ever seen," said HPD Officer Ken Nealy.
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