Police: Suspected bad drugs cause multiple deaths in Richmond

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK) -- Richmond police are looking at the possibility that two deaths this weekend were caused by "bad" drugs. Two other people who were hospitalized may have been the victims of the same narcotics.

To that end, they are asking residents to turn in illegal drugs, with no questions asked.

"If we can prevent this from happening to other individuals, it's a very desperate situation. If it is in fact bad drugs being sold on the street, we need to figure out where it's coming from," said Richmond Police Lt. Lowell Neinast.

Investigators say 41 year old Alfred Brown was one of the victims, found near death in a shed located on Maiden Lane. It's a street police characterize as a "high traffic drug area".

"No nobody expected. It was unexpected," said Tyrone Stamp, who says he was friends with Brown. Others who knew Brown says he was the type of guy who would do almost anything for you. According to police both cocaine and marijuana were found in Brown's system.

Police say no charges will be filed on anyone who turns in drugs at the Richmond Police Department.
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