Deputies: Suspected stabber's mom turned him in

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK) -- A cross-county search for the man accused of trying to kill his common law wife and former boss ended with a tip from an unlikely ally -- the suspect's mother.

"I said .. I know where he's at. I'm gonna take you to him. Don't kill my child," Annie Allen said.

She says Adrian Allen called her Friday morning after the attacks and told her he wanted to turn himself in.

"My son is not a bad person. He's a person with a problem, and drugs is his problem," she says.

The Wharton County Sheriff's Office says Allen's mother led deputies to her son who, was parked outside a supermarket in Boling. Deputies say Allen was cooperative.

He was found leaning against the pickup he allegedly stole from his boss, whom he's accused of stabbing earlier in the day.

Deputies say Allen told them he threw away the knife he used to stab his boss and common-law wife "somewhere." He didn't remember where.

Deputies also say they learned a motive for the alleged crime. They say Allen stabbed the victims because he thought they were having an affair. Investigators say they have no idea whether the suspect's boss and common-law wife were having an affair.

The incidents began Thursday evening when police were called out to the Regency Inn Hotel in the 28000 block of U.S. 59 for a disturbance. Investigators said the woman told them Allen was ripping up clothes at the time. Allen had already left by the time officers arrived.

But police were called back out to the scene Friday morning after another hotel guest reported a disturbance. That's when they found a 26-year-old woman -- identified by her grandparents as Shaylynn Farmer -- stabbed six times. Police say her throat was also slashed.

Natalie Freshour, 20, told Eyewitness News she and a friend heard the Farmer's cries for help. They raced over, applied pressure and tried to keep her conscious until paramedics arrived.

"I thought it was a joke. Maybe I was dreaming," said Freshour. "My friend said she was bleeding. We did the best we could. LifeFlight came and got her out. It was sad to see. I was scared."

Despite her injuries, police said, Farmer identified Allen as the attacker. She told police he then told her he was going to go stab his boss.

Farmer's grandmother, Jimmy Jenkins, tells Eyewitness News Allen had been violent toward Farmer before.

"I told her he's gonna kill you, get away from him. He wont leave her alone. She went back to him again," Jenkins said.

She airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

A short time later, deputies in Wharton County got a call at a business where a man was stabbed. Officers said Allen traveled from the Regency Inn to his boss' trucking company near El Campo. Investigators claim Allen stabbed the man before stealing his black Ford F150 truck.

He was taken to the American Legion in Wharton and then airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital. The Wharton County Sheriff's Office says he was stabbed three times -- twice in the chest and once in the abdomen.

Deputies say before the victim was airlifted, the victim told them he had recently fired Allen.

Allen is charged with attempted capital murder, aggravated robbery, aggravated assault with deadly weapon and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.
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