Police run down pit bulls following vicious attack

SAN MATEO, CA -- San Mateo police claim they had no choice but to use a patrol car to run down two vicious dogs that bit one woman and charged at several other people.

One dog was killed and the other is alive. Its fate will be decided by the Peninsula Humane Society.

The woman is recovering from bites and cuts inflicted by two aggressive dogs.

"It was a very out of breath, frightened male caller saying he had just fended off two large dogs that attacked him," San Mateo police Sgt. Rick Decker said.

There were three more calls after that. One man saw one attack a landscaper across the street.

"I was surprised," Sam Kaddoura said. "They were vicious."

Police have a photo of teeth marks on the man's leaf blower. He used it to protect himself.

The officer who first arrived on scene couldn't even get out of his car.

"They actually clawed and bit at his patrol car, damaging his driver's side door," Decker said.

Multiple patrol cars tried to corral the dogs, which police say were pit bulls. Officers shouted and honked their horns to divert and distract them, especially as they ran toward women with children and San Mateo High School.

When the dogs took off toward a second school, an officer made the decision to stop them.

"He struck both dogs with his car. One of them was killed instantly. The second was knocked to the ground, regained its balance and retreated," Decker said.

Police say that dog led them to its home. Officers secured it there until Animal Control and the owners arrived. Police then found out, for all the close calls, someone had been hurt.

"We learned that a woman was being treated for bites in the area," Decker said. "She was bitten by both dogs. She had puncture wounds and lacerations to her right bicep and I believe her lower leg."

Police say the dogs' owners are cooperating. The district attorney will decide if they'll face any charges. null
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