Police: Number of 'juggings' in Houston area on the rise

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Houston Police are tracking a disturbing crime trend involving criminals following customers from banks to their homes and robbing them at gunpoint.

Officer Adam Bock said his unit is seeing an exponential growth in a crime called "bank jugging."

"More and more people are starting to do it," Bock said. "The guys that are starting to dabble with it are guys that used to be robbers, and now that they're doing juggings, they're incorporating what they know. They don't necessarily have the patience to only hit a car. If they see the money, they want to go after the money."

Bock and his team are trying to get the word out on how this crime works. They made a video reenacting the crime and posted it on YouTube.

Bock advises customers who leave a bank to drive around their neighborhood block before going home to make sure they're not being followed.

A few other tips:
-Don't deal in cash unless you have to
-If you're leaving a bank, conceal your money
-Change your routine

If you think you are being followed, dial 911 and drive to your nearest police station.
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