Police: Motorcyclists riding recklessly in and around Galveston

GALVESTON, TX (KTRK) -- A dangerous scene played out in and around Galveston Sunday afternoon, as police say dozens of motorcyclists were riding recklessly, even traveling the wrong way to elude officers.

Witnesses called Galveston police at around 2:30pm to report the large pack of around 50 motorcyclists. Those witnesses say the riers were driving recklessly down I-45 southbound over the causeway.

When officers tried to stop them, they say the riders tried to get away by traveling the wrong way at the 61st Street curve.

Other officers were waiting for them, though several of the riders reportedly split off from the group and tried to get away by going northbound on I-45. Officers started to pursue, but called off the chase because they deemed it too dangerous to the public.

Police say after one of the motorcycles reached the opposite side of the causeway, the rider attempted to take the Tiki Island exit, but wrecked.

Another motorcycle who tried to get away also crashed in the 8000 block of I-45 on the feeder road. Neither driver sustained major injuries nor were they transported to the hospital.

In all, officers issued 28 total citations to the motorcyclists for various offenses ranging from unsafe speed to equipment and licensing violations and towed several of the motorcycles. Officers also arrested one of the subjects for not possessing a driver's license or insurance.

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