Police: Mom on heroin passes out in car with baby inside

CHEVIOT, OH -- An Ohio mother is now facing charges after being found passed out in a car with her six-month-old baby inside, reports television station WCPO. Police say she was on heroin.

Temperatures were in the uppers 80s Thursday when police were called about two women passed out in a car. The baby was crying and sweating, say police.

"When the officers got on scene, the passenger in the vehicle had come to so they were conscious, but obviously their focus was on the drug and not the baby and that is where children's services will hopefully step in until hopefully these folks can get the treatment they need," said Cheviot Police Chief Joseph Ally.

Police arrested Jessica Waller. She's charged with child endangering.

It's not clear how long the two adults were passed out with the baby in the car.

The baby is in the care of children services.