Police identify woman shot, killed by officer in Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Victor Mangum was walking with his girlfriend, Toni Collins, when a man with a gun approached and ended up shooting Collins after a confrontation.

She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The man turned out to be an off duty Galveston police officer named Evan Fraley. Mangum said Fraley did not identify himself as law enforcement.

"He got out and said 'drop the gun'. He didn't say he was police," Mangum said.

Mangum and witnesses said Collins was carrying a pink BB gun Thursday night around 6 p.m. in an alley near Broadway Avenue J and 11th Street.

They said she dropped it when Farley confronted her.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Woman shot by Galveston police officer dies

Charlie who lives at the home just feet from the shooting scene, said he saw the incident unfold. He asked that his full name not be published.

"[Mangum] is yelling 'help, help!' I'm on the phone with 911 saying 'y'all need to hurry up and get here. He's going to shoot somebody. And I didn't know he was a cop," Charlie said.

Charlie said he didn't know Collins, Mangum or Fraley and wasn't sure what type of altercation was unfolding in front of him. He said he also never heard Fraley identify himself, so he called 911.

"I didn't know what to think. This guy's got a gun. Why does he have a gun?" Charlie said.

Charlie was on the phone with 911 and said he didn't see the shot being fired. Mangum said it happened after the off duty officer forced Collins to the ground.

"Then, [the officer] grabbed Toni by her shirt and hit her in the head three or four times with his pistol, man," Mangum said.

He said Collins angrily stood and grabbed a piece of trash not knowing the man was an officer. That's when Fraley fired striking Collins in the chest, Mangum said.

"He could have shot her anywhere but he shot her in her heart. He shot my baby in her heart," he said.

Police took Mangum in for questioning and released him after interviewing him.

Galveston police said Fraley was nearby with his family and felt threatened by the couple's argument and weapon. Authorities have not confirmed or denied whether it was a BB gun.

"From what we understand he was really almost forced to be involved. In order to protect anyone in that disturbance as well as his family," Galveston police Lt. Joshua Schirard said Thursday night.

The sheriff's office is leading the investigation into the shooting, but said Friday it would not comment further on the case at this stage.
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