Police: Arizona boy, 2, dies after being left in hot car for two hours

PHOENIX, AZ -- A young boy is dead after police say he was left alone in a hot car in Phoenix, Arizona, reports TV station KNXV.

It happened Monday afternoon at around 4. Police say the boy had been in the vehicle for more than two hours before his mother discovered him in the back seat.

Family members tried to revive the boy, but were unsuccessful.

Sgt. Trent Crump with the Phoenix Police Department said, "The child struggled and there were no car seats in the car at the time. Yesterday's temperature was in the 90s. The child, at 2 and half years of age, was able to do damage to the inside of the vehicle in his attempt to get out. It's an absolutely horrific death."

Police say the boy's parents had been running errands all day and lost track of who was watching him

Police say they are still investigating.
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