Police: Attempted kidnapping turns deadly in Splendora

SPLENDORA, TX (KTRK) -- Officers in Montgomery County are investigating an attempted kidnapping Saturday morning that turned deadly in Splendora. A man was beaten to death in the driveway of a home by someone he didn't even know.

The family who lives there says it all began when their daughter, Vanessa, connected with a woman named Stina over domestic abuse issues. Vanessa says she invited Stina to live with her to get away from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

But Saturday morning, Stina's ex, 44-year-old Eric Holder, found her. Police say he stormed into the house and got into some sort of argument with her. He then left the house and got into his car.

Police say two of Vanessa's male friends happened to be there. They were outside at the time because they wanted to go fishing on the property and were standing in front of Holder's car.

That's when police say Holder rammed a car into them, pinning one of them underneath his tire. He then reportedly got out and beat them with a metal weapon, most likely a tire iron.

Police say Vanessa then ran out to stop him, but Holder beat her with the tire iron as well. Then the family says Holder tried to go after the wife, who has battled cancer, inside the house.

"I was devastated. I mean, can you imagine your wife for the last five years we fought diligently just to save her life and to have it all come down to something like this. There are no words," said homeowner Clay Eden.

One of the men outside, 26-year-old James Kiernan, died from his injuries.

Vanessa and her friend, Aaron Lord, were taken to the hospital but have since been released.

Police do have Holder in custody and are questioning him. He is being held at the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.
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