Alleged Navy Seal impersonator arrested in Puerto Rico

WEATHERFORD, TX (KTRK) -- An alleged Navy SEAL impersonator was nabbed in Puerto Rico, according to ABC affiliate WFAA-TV.

According to authorities, Carlos Luna-Gonzalez wore a Navy lieutenant junior grade uniform with a SEAL trident, a Purple Heart and jump wings. WFAA-TV says he was arrested on charges of impersonating a ranking officer and theft in a sting operation in November 2014 after he accepted a "firearm of appreciation" for his false service.

"We were going to award him with a firearm for his service," said Lone Star's Joey Blanton.

When Gonzalez accepted the rifle last year, he was arrested. Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain explained that it was essentially theft by deception. But, shortly after that arrest, Gonzalez jumped bond and took off for Puerto Rico.

Parker County officials say he was found this week.

"They wanted to know if we would extradite. They wanted to know in 10 minutes. They got their answer in eight," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler told WFAA-TV. "He couldn't even shine the SEALs' boots, as far as I'm concerned."

"I don't wish him ill will....I just want justice. (I) want him to stop posing as something he's not," said Lone Star's Joey Blanton.

Gonzalez's theft charge from 2014 was only a misdemeanor, but jumping bond on the misdemeanor is a felony.

"I'm going to bring him back - one way or the other," Sheriff Fowler said. "He picked the wrong county, I'll tell you that." null
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