Peephole problem in men's restrooms has college campus on edge

SACRAMENTO, CA (KTRK) -- Campus leaders at American River College are trying to solve a men's room peephole problem that has occurred off and on for the past decade.

Custodial supervisor Preston Harris tells KOVR-TV the holes are drilled through bathroom stall walls. He says the problem popped up about 10 years ago but has become increasingly worse this semester.

"This semester it's been a little bit more rampant than before," Harris said.

The problem has many on campus worried.

"It's very invasive because of the positioning, right where uh-it's a very private area for people," said student Erol Morkoc.

As custodians patrol restrooms several times a day looking for problems, students are demanding a more permanent solution.

"That seems like an acceptance of the situation as it is. It's not a prevention, it's just a literal stop gap. What's going to prevent that from continuing?" college spokesman Scott Crow told KOVR-TV.

For now, custodians are covering the holes with sheets of metal. The college is exploring how much it would cost to replace existing stall walls with a stronger material.
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