Curbside clothing, household goods recycling available in Pearland

PEARLAND, Texas (KTRK) -- Did you know that clothing, appliances, durables and furniture account for about 15 percent of the residential waste stream? And according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 70 pounds a person of clothing are thrown away each year.

The City of Pearland is hoping to make an impact by encouraging residents to donate, instead of trashing unwanted items.

Keep Pearland Beautiful launched a new initiative that makes recycling your old clothes and household items more convenient with the Simple Recycling Program.

Simple Recycling is a for-profit organization that offers the program for free to cities. A resolution was passed by the City of Pearland in January.

Here's how it works:

  • Residents will receive two 19-gallon orange bags.

  • The bags can be filled with clothing, accessories, small appliances and furniture and some electronics.

  • Residents should place bags out on the curb of their home on recycling day.

  • Simple Recycling will pick up the bags and all the collected items will be sorted locally at a recycling center.

According to the Simple Recycling website, "The top quality materials will be resold to local thrift outlets, mid grade is exported to international markets and unusable items are processed for raw materials."

Simple Recycling will donate $20 for each ton of material collected to Keep Pearland Beautiful.

Keep Pearland Beautiful Director of Programs and Operations Fay Watson said city leaders saw how well it worked for Texas City and Sugar Land. They thought it felt right for Pearland's residents.

"We've been planning this for three years. We want people to donate," Watson said.

Watson said on the program's first day, Simple Recycling picked up about 1,000 tons of items.

"By offering a convenient textile recycling option, Keep Pearland Beautiful believes
that we can sustain that momentum," Keep Pearland Beautiful Executive Director Andrew Miller said.

Frequently Asked Questions from Simple Recycling:

Q: Why do we have this program?
A: Keep Pearland Beautiful aims to capture the 85% of textiles that end up in the landfill according to the
Environmental Protection Agency.

Q: How much does this program cost?
A: This program is completely free and Simple Recycling donates $20/ton to KPB.

Q: What happens to the material collected?
A: Materials are graded and sorted. They are resold to thrift stores, exported to international markets, or
processed for raw materials (recycled).

Q: Is Simple Recycling a non-profit?
A: No, Simple Recycling is a for profit recycler that will donate $20 for every ton collected to KPB. If you donate to a local charity to receive a tax receipt, please continue to do so.

Q: When/Where do I place my textile recycling?
A: Place acceptable items in the orange bags on the ground at the curb on your recycling collection day.

Q: What if Simple Recycling does not pick up my stuff?
A: Call 1 (866) 835-5068 to report a missed pickup.

Q: How can I get more bags or find out more about the program?
A: Stop by the Recycling Center, visit or call 1 (866) 835-5068.
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