Peacock goes on bender inside liquor store

LOS ANGELES, California -- A female peacock has ruffled more than just feathers at a liquor store in Los Angeles.

The peahen walked into the Royal Oaks Liquor Store in Arcadia on Monday. Store manager and college senior Rani Ghanem says he tried to guide the sharp-clawed bird outside but she spooked, at one point flying directly toward him and then up onto a top shelf of the store.

"It flew towards me. I didn't know they could actually fly high but it flew up above the counter and it landed here on top of the ice cream freezer," Ghanem told KCAL.

Ninety minutes and $500 worth of broken champagne and wine bottles later, an animal control officer and Ghanem managed to capture the bird.

Cellphone video taken by Ghanem shows the sometimes-comical efforts to wrangle the peahen. Ghanem says the bird took out some of the most expensive bottles in the store and must have had a taste for champagne.

CNN contributed to this report.

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